Blokart Landsailors

Blokart Landsailors are innovative, wind-powered vehicles designed for thrilling land sailing. Created by New Zealander Paul Beckett in 1999, Blokarts have become popular worldwide for their simplicity, speed, and versatility. These compact and lightweight crafts feature a sturdy stainless steel chassis, a three-wheel configuration for stability and maneuverability, and a handlebar for hand control.

One of the standout features of Blokarts is their portability. They can be easily disassembled and packed into a carry bag within a few minutes, making them convenient to transport and store. Once assembled, the user sits in a cockpit, uses a hand-held sheet to control the sail, and steers with handlebars connected to the front wheel.

Blokarts can achieve impressive speeds, often exceeding 50 miles per hour, depending on wind conditions and the surface. They are suitable for various terrains, including beaches, parking lots, airfields, dry lake beds, and grassy fields, offering a versatile and exhilarating experience for adventurers and sailing enthusiasts alike.

The sport of Blokart racing has also gained popularity, with organized events and championships held globally. Governed by One Design rules, these competitions foster a friendly and competitive community among participants.

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Blokart landsailing’s accessibility and adaptability to various skill levels make it a unique and exciting way to enjoy wind-powered sports.
The perfect craft for sailors to enjoy sailing year round, especially during the offseason.

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