Raritan Engineering Company presents the Advanced Tank Monitoring System. The TankAssure is compatible with any polyethylene, fiberglass, or metal tank. Its submersible set-and-forget sensor simplifies installation and wire management, while its low-profile wall indicator eliminates protruding switches for a sleek look. Using the Raritan App, available for free from your App Store, Calibration is a breeze; enter the tank’s height value and calibration is complete! Unique to this product is TankAssure’s integrated Blocked Vent Detector. Flushing into or pumping out against a Blocked Vent can cause permanent damage to tanks. Easily read up to 4 tanks on the Raritan App or most onboard Multi-Function Display’s (MFD’s) when using our NMEA2000 certified adapter. Even when the App is not connected and you are on the vessel a Push Notification will let you know of an empty or full tank as well a Blocked Vent.

The App allows you to monitor tank capacity wirelessly from anywhere on your vessel. As opposed to the panel monitor, you can name each tank individually. The App provides the ability to enable customized alerts, such as Full, Empty, Blocked Vent, and many more features. Visit Raritan Engineering Company in B-32, 34.

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