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OceanPoint Marine Lending Commits To Three-Year Annapolis Boat Show Sponsorship

Date: June 30, 2022

The Annapolis Boat Shows announce a new three-year sponsorship with OceanPoint Marine Lending to benefit the fall boat shows. 

“OceanPoint Marine Lending, a division of BankNewport, is thrilled with the opportunity to become the Ticket Sponsor for both the United States Powerboat Show (October 6-9) and United States Sailboat Show (October 13-17) starting in 2022,” said Larry Reagan with OceanPoint Marine Lending. 

As time has shown, strategic partnerships such as these help the industry in the long run by increasing the likelihood of properly introducing the boating lifestyle to new members and providing new boaters with the necessary resources to get on the water. This refined partnership between two marine industry leaders aims to do just that by adding to the exceptional, world-class experience that visitors and exhibitors have come to expect and further propelling the ongoing success of recreational boating. 

“This expansion of our long-standing relationship with the Annapolis based Boat Shows reinforces the importance of these events and also emphasizes OceanPoint’s overall commitment to the marine industry,” said Reagan. “We look forward to connecting with former, current, and future customers as well as industry manufacturers, dealers, and brokers in October!”

For more information on the fall shows, visit www.AnnapolisBoatShows.com.

About Annapolis Boat Shows

The 1970 debut of the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland marked a new concept — the first in-water sailboat show in the country. Today the Annapolis Boat Shows has an unsurpassed reputation for offering the most comprehensive boating exhibitions in the industry. Each of our boat shows give boaters the unique opportunity to board and inspect virtually every new model on the market, make side-by-side comparisons, and talk to industry representatives about all aspects of buying and owning a boat.

About OceanPoint Marine Lending 

OceanPoint Marine Lending, a marine service company specializing in boat loan originations became a Division of BankNewport in April of 2018. The transition vastly expands the resources, products, and services available to OceanPoint Marine Lending customers. In addition to its own lending capabilities, OceanPoint Marine Lending works with a variety of national marine lending institutions to give its customers as much flexibility as possible to meet their boat financing needs.


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