Chesapeake Conservancy

Together with our partners, Chesapeake Conservancy leads “United for a Chesapeake National Recreation Area,” a coalition advocating to create national park status in the Chesapeake Bay. The Chesapeake Bay is a national treasure and a significant part of our country’s history, including maritime history. Today, the Chesapeake Bay is a major resource for outdoor recreation, and is treasured by sailors and boaters worldwide.
A Chesapeake National Recreation would be a 21st-century park—a collection of parks in the Chesapeake Bay that bring national and international attention to the Bay’s significant natural, cultural, historical, and recreational resources. Formally connected through partnerships between the National Park Service, and communities and states, these parks would become the Chesapeake National Recreation Area (CNRA), providing greater access to the Bay and and telling a common narrative about the nation’s largest estuary and one of the world’s largest environmental restoration efforts.
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