Italia Yachts 11.98

The concept for the Italia 11.98 was to create a yacht that can compete and win in world-class ORC and IRC competitions while remaining fun and easy for the family to enjoy, both racing and cruising.

The sailing qualities of the Italia 11.98 embody an easy-to-handle and very balanced boat that does not require much effort at the helm, is flexible, and shows excellent speed in both the Sport and Bellissima versions. Reactive and responsive, the Italia 11.98 is a fun boat to sail in both light wind and stiff breezes. The yacht responds as you’d expect and accelerates quickly after tacking. Reliable and stable, the Italia 11.98 is a tamed purebred.

Utilizing the latest computational fluid dynamic design and velocity prediction programs (VVP) to model and maximize the competitive advantage in ORC and IRC competitions, the Italia 11.98 is an ideal choice for the serious sailor.

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