Italia Yachts 14.98

David Walters Yachts is presenting the Italia Yachts 14.98 at its US boat show debut. The Italia Yachts 14.98 embodies a design philosophy that prioritizes aesthetics and seaworthiness without compromise. This yacht is created to cater to the discerning sailor who is drawn to the allure of sporty sailing and holds an appreciation for meticulously crafted details and superior finishes. At its core, the Italia 14.98 synthesizes two contrasting souls: the elegance and luxury of cruising and the adrenaline-fueled racing excitement. The marriage of these elements is reflected in its exterior and interior design, harmoniously blending the highest quality of craftsmanship with robust functionality. The yacht sets a new standard, an evolution for the Italia Yachts brand, encapsulating a vision geared towards a unique target – those who demand the best of everything. Here, style meets substance in a yacht designed for the pleasure of the senses and the thrill of the sail. Visit David Walters Yachts on Dock D

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