Mackay VX Two

The new VX Two is a two-person “hiking-skiff,” designed to provide the very best in high-performance, one-design sailing with maximum ease. It joins the award winning VX range of boats; the VX One and VX Evo.

Equipped with a fully battened square-top main, asymmetric spinnaker, easy-to-use controls, and simple systems, the VX Two is beautifully balanced to provide a near-perfect handling experience. A wide, open cockpit enables easy manoeuvrability while adding valuable righting moment for the hiking crew. The foil package includes a center-board and kickup rudder system for easy launching and retrieving. Launching and retrieving is made even more easy with a well-balanced, light beach trolley. Being fast does not mean hard sailing with the VX Two. You will love the ease of getting up on a plain, along with the way the boat moves through the water and the sensation of being in control while enjoying breathtaking rides.

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