SABIYA Sunscreens

SABIYA is a new line of luxury personal care products uniquely crafted for recreational boaters, sailors, and ocean cruisers. We are launching the brand with the introduction of two sunscreen products:

– SABIYA in Sun is a transparent mineral sunscreen optimized for your time on deck. It delivers a light, comfortable feel with a sheer finish that provides hours of excellent broadband protection against intense reflected sunlight during peak UV hours.

– SABIYA in Water is an active mineral sunscreen optimized for getting wet. It delivers aggressive water resistance with a higher level of broadband UV protection for up to 80 minutes of continuous water activity.

SABIYA products are made by people who love the sea, love to sail, and love the sun. Our sunscreens align with our passions, offering these essential benefits:
1) SABIYA does not cause damaging stains on boat surfaces, swimwear, and clothing. (4480 sunscreens sold in the US do.)
2) SABIYA is made with SeaSolution, a nutrient dense combination of beneficial marine bioferments that are clinically proven to improve vital skin hydration, promote abrasion healing, and minimize DNA damage that leads to premature skin aging.
3) SABIYA is non-toxic to marine life, contains no synthetic ingredients, and aligns with clean beauty standards.

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