Sailing Dacia

Just a crazy, adventurous couple trying to take the road (or the water) less traveled and see the world in all its glory the old school way – sailing with no motor!! 🌎 Growing up in a landlocked province in Western Canada, neither Evan or I (Jackie) learned to sail until we were in our 20’s. We hopped on our 23 foot trailerable sailboat and taught ourselves to sail on a small lake near our home town. We were instantly hooked.🪝 Not long after we moved to the Florida Keys to live full time on our much more ocean worthy sailboat, a 1977 Tayana 37. With big plans to sail around the globe, we had a lot of work ahead of us before our old girl was ready for the big blue sea. ⛵️ If you’re curious to find out what we’ve been up to, hit that Subscribe button and check out our other socials 👍🏼 Come along with us as we navigate our way through all the ups and downs involved in becoming full-time liveaboard sailors.

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