Selden ART Winch

The perceived feeling of how a winch performs is very much based on the design of the drum. Preferences are very individual and depend on what function a specific winch is used for. Two or three turns should provide enough grip and when releasing the line, you want it to slide out smoothly. Pulling the slack on an unloaded sheet should be possible without the risk of riding turns. The drums we are using for our new manual and electric winches are forged and machined hard anodised aluminium with vertical ribs located in an asymmetric pattern. Any line under load will become slightly dented where it rests over a rib and if all ribs were located symmetrically, all dents would simultaneously jump to the next rib when releasing the line. And the next one, and the next oneā€¦ Ribs placed asymmetrical provide a strong grip and a harmonious release. This is ART.

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