Sportsman 231 Heritage with Seakeeper Ride System

Riverside Marine is showcasing the new Sportsman Heritage 231 featuring the new Seakeeper Ride system. This boat is in a class of its own, with a family-focused design that revolves around fun on the water. Whether you prefer being on, in, or around the water, this boat has everything you need. Its water-centric views in sandbar mode will fully immerse your family in the moment, creating lasting memories on the water. Additionally, when you explore the boat’s features, you’ll be impressed by how thorough the designers were in considering every detail.

The Seakeeper Ride is a first-of-its kind vessel attitude control system. Key Benefits include: pitc and roll elimination / coordinated turn/ autotrim / list/level control / hole shot control.

Visit Riverside Marine on Dock F1.

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