The SOSeFLARE 5 is the MOST complete distress signal compliance kit that fulfills Night, Day, and Audible distress signal requirements.  No expiration date, it is a one-time purchase. Get compliant with Tektite SOSeFlare.  Only 1 set per boat is needed.

Works right out of the box (batteries included). Vessels smaller than 16 feet (including kayaks & jetskis) must carry a Night Visual Distress Signal, making the Tektite SOSeFlare the BEST option for all small boats. Family safe and easy to use (no burning flame). Small and light enough to be used for any outdoor emergency rescue: Backpacking, Hunting, Backcountry Skiing, Kayaking, private Aviation, Fishing, PFD, Snorkeling, Man Overboard, SCUBA diving.

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