Teulu Tribe

We saved for years to buy a home we could sail around the world, and now we are #bloodydoingit It all started in 2020 when we were cooped up in a small student house in Swansea. We were dreaming of sailing off into the big blue, but with a degree still to finish, on a student budget and only dingy sailing experience, oh and no boat, the idea seemed not only unrealistic but pretty insane. However, we worked hard, finished our degrees, worked as many hours as physically possible, saved with all our might, got experience and in March 2022 bought our very own sailboat, a 1987 Colvic Victor ketch. Having little sailing experience and being a young couple, we have encountered a tonne of hurdles and made plenty of mistakes! but for every downfall, there has always been a reason to dust ourselves off and carry on. Welcome aboard, Becka and Zach

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