Chesapeake Invasives Corner

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Dive into Maryland’s fight against invasive species. Visit the Chesapeake Invasives Corner, presented by FishTalk Magazine where a coalition of departments and organizations focused on the preservation of Maryland’s natural resources effectively highlight the invaders threatening our waterways. Discover the unique characteristics of Blue Catfish, Flathead Catfish, and Northern Snakehead as you uncover how to reel them in and where they lurk.

Our mission goes beyond fishing, aiming to educate on sustainable preparation and enjoyment of these species. Explore nearby restaurants offering these delicacies and contribute to the protection of our waterways. Every hand counts in our Bay’s defense.

Caroline Culinary Arts Center

Learn about sustainable culinary practices and experience a culinary adventure combating invasive species with Caroline Culinary Arts Center’s captivating cooking demo.

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CCA’s Great Chesapeake Invasives Count

Learn about the Great Chesapeake Invasive Count tournament – offering anglers opportunities to target invasive fish for prizes.

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Invasive Delicacies

Explore restaurants serving invasive fish, supporting sustainable dining in Maryland.

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Invasive Fishing 101

Unlock expert tips on where and how to target invasive species in Maryland’s waterways with FHMD.

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Invasive Seminars

Dive into invasive species seminars at the Bay Bridge Boat Show!!

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Kids Fun Zone

Dive into interactive kids’ activities exploring invasive species, sparking curiosity and environmental awareness in young minds.

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Take Me Fishing

Experience a day of family fun with interactive kids’ activities, giveaways, and an opportunity for conservation education.

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Unveiling Maryland’s Invaders

Discover the hidden threats lurking beneath Maryland’s waters.

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