Weird Science Live Saturday Night

Kick off the Boating Season Party

Boating season is around the corner. What better way to celebrate than with a concert by Weird Science set at the foot of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge at the Bay Bridge Marina.

Weird Science debuted on the Mid Atlantic music scene in 2011. Based in Annapolis and founded by veteran musicians dedicated to their craft, they authentically recreate the rhythm of the ‘80s. Whether it’s a pop hit from Michael Jackson or Prince, a new wave sensation from Duran Duran or INXS, or a rock anthem from Journey or Bon Jovi, their commitment to impressive instrumentation, soaring vocal melodies, and intricate harmonies create a nostalgia that takes the audience back to a simpler time. While recapturing the most popular sounds of the decade, Weird Science uniquely covers some of the great “one hit wonders” and vocally challenging power ballads of the era. Be prepared to relive that feeling of anticipation we all had as we waited for our favorite song to come on the radio with our finger poised to press the “record” button on the boom box. Look for Weird Science at your favorite local venue or festival as they continue to give the greatest musical decade the tribute it deserves.

Weird Science is:

  • Mike Salas – Keyboards and Vocals
  • Matt Maguire – Bass and Vocals
  • Joe Saia – Drums and Vocals
  • Scott Willens – Lead Vocals
  • Chris Mascaro – Lead Guitar and Vocals

Weird Science Video


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