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Diesel Maintenance & Advanced Diagnostics Class - This three-day, hands-on class will provide a preliminary and in-depth review of how a diesel engine works. All aspects of general and yearly maintenance will be covered. The 3 day class will be held prior to the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show. Admission is included to the Bay Bridge Boat Show, April 12-14, 2024 and the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show, Friday, April 26th – Sunday, April 28th.

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Allowing first-time sailors to learn the basics and experience the joy of sailing in a 45-minute classroom session followed by 90 minutes on the water with American Sailing Association accredited instructors provided by Sailtime.

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This 2-hour family boating safety class will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2024, 8-10am.

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The 2024 Spring Sailboat Show will feature daily seminars presented by show partners. Seminars are free for all attendees to enjoy. See the full schedule below.

Seminars – Presented by BoatU.S

*Schedule subject to change

  • 10:15a - 11:00a

    Weekends on the Chesapeake with John Stefancik

    John Stefancik of Marine Trades Association of Maryland has literally written the book on Docking and Dining in the Chesapeake Bay.  His goal is to give the boater some great places to stop and enjoy a meal and a glass of wine while arriving by boat.  He tries to keep the stops fun for all and guidance for the stops with docking or anchorage suggestions.

    11:15a - 12:00p

    Living the dream on a Tall Ship with Chris Nolan

    Have you ever thought you would love a chance to sail on a tall ship and climb the rigging while setting a sail?  Chris Nolan has some great advice on careers in the Tall Ship industry.  Perhaps sign on as a volunteer crew member or join as a paid position, Chris will have all the advice you need to sail the ships of yesteryear!

    12:15pm - 1:00pm,

    CAPTAIN YOUR BUCKET LIST!   “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” with Kerry Gonzalez from AMG Insurance International

    In this presentation, Kerry Gonzalez from AMG Insurance International will simplify the places you (can’t) go and provide you with best practices for managing ‘risk’ in international waters.  You will leave with a better comfort level to ‘embrace the unknown’ and develop a ‘no regret’ itinerary!

    1:15p - 2:00p

    Rules of the Road with Capt. Deb Marlor of

    Start understanding the Top 3 rules of the Road, and simple situations of who has the right of away and how to execute.  Learn the basics on Sound Signal, when you can’t reach via VHF.   What to do if you are not clear of their intentions?  Fast start on appropriate usage of  your VHF.  Who is responsible?

    2:15p - 3:00p

    How to Manage More Time on the Water Sailing (Even if you don’t own a boat!) by Phillipe Perut of

    Both Crewmembers and Skippers or Boat owners rely on each other for a successful outing on the water but for both connecting with one another can be a difficult task. As a result, boat owners do not use their boat as much as they could and crew have limited opportunities to sail or improve their skills.

    This course will help you understand where and how you can meet other people to sail with, how you can find crew for a long passage or for a fun weekend in the bay.  What are the right questions to ask before you jump on board with strangers, how to be sure it is safe, how to introduce yourself and how to maintain a good relationship between crew and skippers.

    There are many ways for boat owners and crew to spend more time on the water if you can stay connected with the sailing community.

  • 10:15a - 11:00a

    Essential Knots and how to tie them! with Ben & Teresa Carey of Morse Alpha Expeditions

    One of the simplest knots to learn is the bowline and it is one of the knots few boat operators do correctly and for the right purpose.  Learn from the Carey’s about some simple knot tying as well as which knot can be used in an emergency for the safety of the boat and crew.  Short segments of line will be provided to practice with during the seminar which is a great seminar for all members of the family.

    11:15a - 12:00p

    Line Handling and Safe Docking with Ben & Teresa Carey of Morse Alpha Expeditions

    Are you throwing a spider web of line to the dock hand when you pull up to the fuel dock?  Are you correctly tying off your boat when docked?  Have you heard the term ‘springline’ and do you know when to use one? Practice with the Carey’s on how to correctly throw a line, tie a cleat, and safely cast off.

    1:15p - 2:00p

    VHF Etiquette on the Water with John Herlig

    Do you know how to operate your VHF radio if there is an emergency on board your vessel?  How do you request a bridge opening along the intracoastal waterways?  What is the difference between high power and low power channels on the radio?  John Herlig has spent many years traveling the East Coast and the Caribbean and will make sense of the VHF radio with fun and humor!

    2:15p - 3:00p

    How to Keep the Adventure of Sailing fun and safe for all! with Capt. Deb Marlor of

    Where do you want to go, what would you love for your family?  Being on, in, under  the water can be an amazing experience.  Build your adventure by including the things you love doing?   Hiking, biking, kite surfing, SCUBA diving, learning about and experiencing a new country, learning languages and so much more.   Keeping sailing fun includes being competent and safe.  Lets talk about possibilities.   What you are doing now and how to integrate activities that will make the whole experience 10X.

    3:15p - 4:00p

    Empowering Women Behind the Wheel with Capt. Deb Marlor of

    For most of us, sailing was not the go to sport, or even an opportunity.  It was a elitist sport, that men did.  Well the world has changed and some of the best sailors on the planet are women.   So why not you?  A Woman.   Race to Alaska  Monohull division won by women, Maiden – all women crew, SCA – The Ocean Race all woman crew.  But simply you at the helm, what do you need to know, and you are capable, you can learn this and become a skilled, competent Captain, crew or partner.  This includes instruction, mentors, support systems, and building your confidence that you can do this.

  • 10:15a-11:00a

    How to Teach Sailing by Jonah Lane of Annapolis Sailing School

    This class is for all sailors looking to bring people out on the water for their first time. The class will begin with how to introduce the boat/sailing to the new crew and progress to some drills/activities used by instructors.


    Women’s Round Table on Racing with Annapolis Sailing School


    Join women members of Annapolis Sailing School and let them answer your many questions about joining a racing boat as crew.  They will help you with the questions you should ask the captain before joining the team, the best practices to be a great crew member, and maybe starting your own all-female team in the area.  Bring your questions and they will provide their racing experience while answering!

    12:15p - 1:00p

    Races, regattas, rallies, flotillas, meet ups… docktails anyone?  Candid interview about risks that Flex-Seal Tape will NOT take care of! with Kerry Gonzalez with AMG Insurance International and Joan Conover of SSCA.

    As your sense of ‘community’ grows in formal ways in boating, this session should address your questions and concerns.  We will entertain you with stories that will form YOUR best practices and help you make educated decisions about approaching ‘risk’ on the water when you register for an event.

    1:15p - 2:00p

    Line Handling and Safe Docking with Ben & Teresa Carey of Morse Alpha Expeditions

    Are you throwing a spider web of line to the dock hand when you pull up to the fuel dock?  Are you correctly tying off your boat when docked?  Have you heard the term ‘springline’ and do you know when to use one? Practice with the Carey’s on how to correctly throw a line, tie a cleat, and safely cast off.

    2:15p - 3:00p

    How do you become a (great) crew member on a race boat? by Ian Morrison of Annapolis Sailing School

    Do you look at the sailboats finishing in front of the Eastport Bridge and think, “I wish I was out there, but I don’t know the first thing about racing?”  Join lifelong racer and Annapolis Sailing School director Ian Morrison as he walks you through a typical sailboat race.  He will then discuss what makes a good crew: how to read the water, where your weight needs to be and the importance of a positive attitude.


    3:15p - 4:00p

    Title: A to Z about A to B – Annapolis to Bermuda Race presented by Beth Berry & Albert Bossar

    Is racing to Bermuda on your Bucket List?  Come visit with past A2B Racers Beth Berry , Skipper of KYRIE and Albert Bossar, Skipper of ALLEGIANT.  These experienced offshore Captains are ready to share their experiences and answer all questions on this unique race to Bermuda—the only international race which departs from the Chesapeake Bay!

    In addition, both skippers are offer a unique perspective as they are both part of the Organizing Authority of the 2024 Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race.  Whether a trip to Bermuda is a long time Bucket List item, or a new idea,  please join for this exciting and engaging presentation.


    Not ready for 2024?  There is always 2026, and it’s never too early to start planning!



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