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Learn a thing or two from Captain Boomies as she invites Matt and Jessica with MJ Sailing and Ryan and Sophie with Ryan and Sophia Sailing to join her  to talk sailing, boats, and what they saw at the show that day.

Friday, April 28 from 4:30-6:00pm

Captain Boomies

Professionally salty for decades, Captain Boomies has few cannons loose in the ol’ crow’s nest, but she’s got a course set to entertain you with whatever floating thing she wants.

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MJ Sailing

We’re a couple of high school sweethearts in our late 30’s that have been on the move for 9 years; creating videos of the ups, the downs, our triumphs and our trials.

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Ryan & Sophie Sailing

Ryan Ellison & Sophie Darsy are sailors and content creators who have been sailing the world since 2016, sharing their stories of their transatlantic adventures at sea.

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