2023 Sailboat Show Exhibitors

2024 List Coming Soon

Please see the full list of exhibitors that will join us for the 2023 Annapolis Sailboat Show.

2023 Exhibitor Listing

The following is a list of exhibitors who participated in the 2023 Annapolis Sailboat Show.

Check back soon for the 2024 list of exhibitors

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Exhibitor Display Area
Excess Dock C
Lagoon Dock B
727 Sailbags, Inc. Tent D 67, Tent D 68
A Lit'le Irish, Too Tent D 33, Tent D 32
A.G.A. Correa & Son Tent C 3
AB Marine, Inc. Tent B 47, Tent B 49
Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbour Marina Tent VB 23
Abordage, SA. Tent O 25
Access Power Solutions Tent D 45
ACR Electronics, Inc. Tent B 55
ADCO/Acryfin Coatings Land 40
Advantage Yacht Sales Dock B
Aegean Canvas Tent L 6
Air Head Products Tent K 7
All At Sea Tent F 15
American Sail, Inc. Land 47
AMG Insurance International Tent F 4
Anchor Yacht Sales Dock B, Dock F2
And Beyond Yacht Charter Tent DO 5
Annapolis Cruisair Tent A 9
Annapolis Hybrid Marine Dock F2
Annapolis Rigging Company Tent AB 24
Annapolis Sailing School Tent B 3
Annapolis Sailyard Tent G 2
Annapolis School of Seamanship Land 59A
Antares Catamarans Dock K3
Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority Tent VB 30
AON Private Risk Management Land 5
Aquamarine Water Solutions Tent D 23
Archer Power Solutions Tent O 24
ARCO Marine Tent D 78
Argo Navigation LLC Tent C 43
Arid Bilge Systems Tent K 13
Aspen Compressor Tent B 48
Athenian Yachts Tent L 5
Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. Tent C 17, Tent C 19
Atlantic Cruising Yachts Dock B, Dock F1
Atlantic Marketing Tent AB 18, Tent AB 17, Tent AB 16, Tent AB 19
Atlantic Radio Tent B 42
Atlantic Towers Tent YB 16, Tent YB 15, Tent YB 14, Land 83
Atlas Yacht Sales Dock B, Dock F1
AtmoSpark Technologies Tent YB 23
Auster Yachts, LLC Dock S
Aventura-USA Dock A
Awlgrip/Interlux/SeaHawk Tent B 53
Awlgrip/Interlux/SeaHawk Tent B 51
B&G - Navico Tent A 20, Tent A 18, Tent A 50, Tent A 48
Backyard Boats Land 20
Bacon Sails & Marine Supplies Tent C 65
Bainbridge International Land 19
Bajio Sunglasses Tent F 23, Tent F 22, Tent F 21
Balance Catamarans Dock C
Bali Catamarans Dock B
Balmar LLC Tent A 12, Tent A 10
Barefoot Yacht Charters Tent VB 19, Tent VB 18
Barton Marine Equipment Tent AB 15A
Battle Born Batteries Tent A 11, Tent A 13
Bavaria Dock A
Bay Shore Marine Engine Service Tent B 36, Tent B 38
Beneteau America Dock F2
Berthon USA Dock F2
Beta Marine US Tent A 40, Tent A 36
Bitter End Yacht Club Land VB22
Blue Water Sailing School Tent AB 26
Bluenose Yacht Sales Dock F1, Dock F2
Bluewater Cruising Yachts Land 41
Bluewater Yachts Dock D
Boatique USA Tent D 27, Tent D 28
BoatUS Dock BoatUS Bridge
Brendan Sailing Land YB
Brownies Marine Group Tent D 72, Tent D 71, Tent D 73
Bruce Hackett Company Tent A 3, Tent A 1
Bruntons Propeller Tent A 44
BULDANO, LLC Tent D 14, Tent D 13, Tent D 12
BVI Tourist Board Tent VB 33, Tent VB 34, Tent VB 37, Tent VB 38
BVI Yacht Charters Tent D 92, Tent D 91
BVI Yacht Sales Tent D 56
C Cushions, Inc. Tent A 15
C. Sherman Johnson Co., Inc. Land 45
Cabano Marine Dock F1
Cali-optics Importer Tent DO 11
Cane Mixers Tent AB 8
Cape Catamarans Tent O 1
Cape Yachts Dock F2
Caribe Yacht Group Dock B
Carribean-Multihulls Dock B
Castle Marina Tent C 14
Catalina Yachts Land 59, Dock J2
Catamaran Central Tent DO 6, Tent DO 5
Catamaran Guru Tent VB 2
Catana Catamarans Dock K1
Celestaire Tent C 52
Chabi Manufacturers Tent L 11
CHART metalworks Land 84
Chesapeake Bay Magazine Land 59A
Chesapeake Boating Club Tent AB 28
Chesapeake Light Craft Land 50
Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB) Dock S
Chesapeake Sailmakers/Elvstrom Sails Dock F1
Chesapeake Yacht Club Tent C 51
Chesapeake Yacht Sales Dock J2, Dock F1
Chocolate Moonshine of Maryland Tent DO 10
Christopher Companies Tent O 8
Chronic Sailing Dock H
ClampTite LLC Tent AB 25
Clarks Landing Yacht Sales Dock B, Dock F2
Classic Sailing Yachts Tent D 70
Club Nautique Dock F1
CMP Group Tent A 51, Tent A 49
Coastal Climate Control Tent A 55, Tent A 57
Coastal Financial Boat Loan Tent DO 7
Coboaters Tent C 42
Colby Davis of Boston Tent D 69
Collection Yachts Dock D
Colligo Marine Tent D 15, Tent D 16
Coltri Compressors Tent D 94
ComMar Sales, LLC Tent B 4, Tent C 6, Tent B 13, Tent B 10
Conch Charters Ltd Tent VB 35, Tent VB 36
Coneys Marine Dock F1, Dock J2
Contineo Marine Robotics Tent AB 22
Coppercoat, U.S.A. Tent D 5
Core Medical Systems LLC Tent K 17
Corsair Marine/Seawind Dock A1
Cover Loft, The Tent AB 11
Creative Spaces Remodeling Tent D 96, Tent D 95
Cruise Abaco Dock I VB
Cruise RO Water & Technautics Tent D 36, Tent D 35
Cruisers Creating Content Tent VB Sailing Channels
Cruising Solutions Tent YB 1, Tent YB 2
Cruising World / Sailing World Land 21
Crusader Yacht Sales Dock F1, Dock C, Dock F1
Custom Marine Products Tent AB 12
Cutco Cutlery Land 40A
CV Yachts and Tubber Tent VB 8, Tent VB 7
Dakota Lithium Tent D 10
DAM Coolers LLC Tent K 6
DATREX, Inc. Tent C 9, Tent C 11
David Walters Yachts Dock F2
DCM Group Tent A 39
Delbert Adams Construction Group Tent D 48
Denison Yacht Sales Dock C, Dock B
Digital Yacht America Tent A 8
Dimension-Polyant Dock F1
Diversified Marine Services Tent B 40
Dometic/Sealand Sanitation Systems Tent C 59
Doyle Sails/Island Canvas Tent A 34, Tent A 32
Dragonfly Dock C
Dream Yacht Sales & Ownership Dock H
Dream Yacht Worldwide Dock C, Dock H
Dufour Yachts Dock F2
Dunbar Yachts Dock F1, Dock J2
Dutchmar Land 15A
e Marine Systems Tent YB 4, Tent YB 3
East Marine Boats Land 34
East Penn Mfg. Co., Inc. Tent DO 8
Eastport Yacht Club Tent AB 23
Edson International Land X5
Electronic Marine Annapolis Tent A 7, Tent A 5
Epifanes NA, Inc. Tent B 20
Euro Marine Trading, Inc. Land 57
Evolution Sails Chesapeake Dock F1
EWE Spirit Foundation Land 19A
EWINCHER Tent D 80, Tent D 81
EWOL Propellers Tent D 90
Fawcett Marine Supplies Land 24, Land 16, Land 25, Land 26, Land 27, Land Z2
Festiva Sailing Vacations Tent VB 14, Tent VB 15
Florida Bow Thrusters Tent A 47, Tent A 45
Flying Fish Printworks Tent F 1B, Tent O 1A
Flying Scot Land 46
Forespar Products Corporation Tent C 67, Tent C 71, Tent C 69
Fountaine Pajot Dock B
Fraser Yacht Sales Dock F1, Dock B
Further Customs Tent C 41, Tent C 39
G. Winters Sailing Center Dock F2
Garmin USA Tent B 9, Tent B 7, Tent B 11, Tent B 5
General Boats Land 61, Land 62
General Ecology Water Purification Tent C 59
Gill North America Land 70A, Land 70, Land 69
GlobalTec Solutions Tent A 37
Gowrie Group - Risk Strategies Tent AB 20
GPS Store, Inc., The Tent B 8
Great Lakes Sailing Dock F1
Group Island Spirit Tent VB 5, Tent VB 6
Hallberg-Rassy Dock F2
Handcraft Mattress Company Tent C 63, Tent C 61
Hanham Insurance Agency Tent G 4
Hanse Yachts Dock F2
Harbor North Dock F2
Harken, Inc. Land 17, Land 18
Harney Yacht Rigging Tent C 44
Hartge Yacht Harbor Tent C 13
Hat Trick Embroidery Tent K 18
Haven Harbour Marina Resorts Tent A 4, Tent A 2, Tent A 42
Hayn Enterprises LLC Land X4B
HDI Marine Tent YB 21
Helly Hansen Land 39C, Land 39D, Land 39E
Herrington Harbour Marina Resorts Tent C 7, Tent C 5
HopYacht Pty Ltd Tent L 10
Horizon Yacht Charters Dock I VB
Horizons America Tent F 1A
HP Agency - Hand Forged Damascus Cutlery Tent D 17
Hudson Yacht Group Dock K2
Hydrovane International Marine Inc. Tent A 21
Hylas Yachts International Dock F2
Hytech Marketing Tent YB 24
Ibis Manufacturing Tent L 12
ICOM America, Inc. Tent C 2
Imtra Corporation Land X6
Intelligent Sailing Tent C 39B, Tent C 39A
International Cruisers Awards Tent YB 7
Ipswich River Craft Tent DO 12
Island Boat Lettering, Inc. Tent C 25, Tent C 23
Island Packet Yachts Dock D
iYacht Club Dock C
J Boats Dock S
J World Tent AB 29
J. Gordon & Co., Inc. Tent C 57, Tent C 55
J.J Best Banc & Co. Tent O 7
Jackie Gallagher Designs Tent D 20
Jacobs Bros Builders Tent L 16
JB Langley Land 69A
Jeanneau America Dock F1
Jetty Land 7
JLF Adventures Land 30
John H. Norris & Sons Floating Piers Tent F 19
junedays Tent D 46, Tent D 47
Just Catamarans Tent AB 6, Tent AB 5
Kadollu Designs Tent C 53
Kato Marine Tent D 42, Tent D 43
Kaya Ropes Tent B 31
King's Fleet Tent K 8
Knot 10 Yacht Sales Tent F 20
Knysna Yacht Company Dock C
Koenig Polish Tent D 11
Kracken Adventure Bikes Tent AB 1
Kraft Power Corporation Tent A 46
KSL Tent D 9
KTI Systems Inc. Tent YB 18, Tent YB 17
KVH Industries, Inc. Tent C 4
Lalonde Marine USA Tent B 15
Landfall Navigation Tent C 48, Tent C 50
Lanex Yachting Tent AB 15
Larsen Marine Dock F1
Lasdrop Shaft Seals Tent C 34
Latitude 38 Land 39A
Latitudes & Attitudes Tent YB 6, Tent YB 5
LaVictoire Finance Dock LaVictoire VIP Tent
Leight Electric LLC Tent B 50
Leon Canvas Inc Tent YB 10
Leopard Catamarans Dock H
Lifeline Batteries Tent C 27
Light Speed Structures Dock S
LightLeaf Solar Tent D 6
Lion Energy Tent K 9
Little Yacht Sales Dock F1, Dock B, Dock J2
Lorelei Nautical Treasures Tent L 2
Luxx Optica Tent DO 4
Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding Dock D
M & E Sales Tent D 25, Tent D 24
M Yacht Services, LLC Dock F1
Mack Boring & Parts Co. Tent A 35, Tent A 33, Tent A 31
Mack Sails Tent K 11A, Tent K 11
Mack Yacht Services Tent K 10
Made+ Tent D 26
Maggie & Milly/SS Magpie Tent O 27
Maggie Lee Designs Tent L 1
Mankiewicz Coatings, LLC / Alexseal Yacht Coatings Tent K 2
Mantus Anchors Tent D 53, Tent D 52, Tent D 50, Tent D 51
Maptech Tent C 16, Tent C 18
Marina Gosselin Dock F2
Marina Lennox
Marina Puerto Bahia Tent VB 21
Marine Service Center Dock F1, Dock B, Dock J2
Marine Technical Services Tent B 1
Marine Trades Assoc. of Maryland Tent F 27
Marinebeam Tent O 19
Marks Marine Insurance Tent AB 9
Marlow Ropes Land X4A
Marmara Imports Tent L 3
Marshall Marine Land 33
Maryland School of Sailing and Seamanship Tent G 2A
Massey Yacht Sales Dock J2
Mastry Engine Center Tent D 18
Maui Jim/Shades of the Bay Land AB1
Max Cruise Marine Dock D
McMichael Yacht Brokers Dock F2
Med Sailing Adventures Tent VB 32
Mid-Atlantic Engine Supply Tent B 44, Tent B 46
Mid-Atlantic Marine Electronics Tent A 27
Mid-Shore Electronics Tent B 43, Tent B 41
Milltech Marine Tent B 37, Tent B 35
MMK Systems Ltd.-Booking Manager Tent VB 17, Tent VB 16
Montauk Tackle Tent AB 3, Tent AB 4
Murray Yacht Sales Dock C, Dock F2
Mustang Survival, Inc. Land 55
Musto Land 68
My Caribbean Charters/VI Yacht Brokers Tent VB 25
Mystic Stainless & Aluminum, Inc. Tent YB 3
Naia Charters & Sailing Club Dock F2
Nantucket Bagg Company Tent O 28
Naos Yachts Dock B, Dock F2
National Ocean Service/NOAA Tent B 14
Natural Resources Police, Safety Education Tent YB 19
Nature's Head Tent A 6
Nautical Ventures Group Dock C, Dock F2
Nautitech Catamarans SAS Dock C
Nautor Swan Dock D
NAUTOS Tent B 27
Navigare Yachting Dock H
Navtec Hydraulics Land 39
Navy Point Marine Dock F1, Dock B
Neil Pryde Sails Land 42
Nettle Net BOAT POOL Tent C 46
New England Ropes Land 58B
New Found Metals Tent D 87
Newcoast Tent G 5
Next Generation Power Eng. Tent D 2
North Point Yacht Sales LLC Dock F2
North Sails Dock F1
North Shore Canvas, Inc. Tent O 15
Norton Yacht Sales Dock F1
Nova Luxe Tent O 22
Novaluxe Manufacturing Tent L 13
Novamar Yacht Insurance Tent D 44
Nugent Design Build Tent C 32, Tent C 30
Oasis Marinas Tent D 8, Tent D 7
Ocean Marketing Tent B 55, Tent B 57
Ocean Yacht Sales Dock F2
OceanPoint Marine Lending Land 64
Offshore Sailing School Dock BoatUS Bridge
Offshore Yacht Services Tent L 14
Omni Powertrain Technologies Tent K 19
Our Good Dog Spot Tent F 12
Oyster Yachts Dock D
P.Y.I., Inc. Tent C 31B, Tent C 33
Paddle North Tent D 59, Tent D 58
Panama Posse Tent VB 10
Panama/Shelter Bay Marina Tent VB 11
Paradise Yacht Management Tent VB 20
Parasailor USA Tent C 39B, Tent C 39A
Parole Rotary Club Tent YB 20
Pasco, Inc. Tent K 4
Passport Yachts Dock F2
Pat Sturgeon Yachts Dock F2
Patino Canvas Tent D 21
Performance Yacht Sales Dock C
Pettit Marine Paint Tent A 16
Pop Paddleboards Tent D 30, Tent D 29
Porta-Bote International Tent B 33
Premier Yacht Management. Tent A 23
Prestige Yachts Dock F2
Pride of Baltimore Dock K3
Privilege Catamarans Dock D
Providence Marine Systems Tent A 40A
Quantum Sails Land 66
Quebec Catamarans Dock B
R&W Rope & Rigging Solutions Land 60
Racine Riverside Dock B
Rainman Watermakers Tent C 12A, Tent C 12B
Raritan Engineering Co. Inc. Tent B 34, Tent B 32
Raymarine, Inc. Land 72
RCI Technologies East Tent B 39
RCR Yachts Dock F2
Red Beard Sailing Dock F2
Rescue Steps by Lewis Products Tent C 63A
Rhineland Cutlery Tent D 66
Ribit Boats Land 28, Land 29
Richard J. Fisco Tent DO 3
Rigging Company, The Tent O 14, Tent O 13
River Dunes Tent C 8
Riverfront Yachts Dock F1
Riverside Marina & Yacht Sales Dock F1
Roam Devices Tent B 17
Rolly Tasker Sails/Annapolis Boat Service Tent O 11
Ronstan Land 63
Rooster Land 36
Ross Marine Ideas Co. Tent C 28
Royal Cape Catamarans Tent L 9, Dock C
Rum Reggae Tent D 93
S&J Yachts Tent F 9, Tent F 10
S. African Boat Builder Export Council Tent L 7
Sail Annapolis Dock J2
Sail Away Catamarans Dock C, Dock I
Sail Beyond Cancer Annapolis Land YB
Sail Magazine Tent F 5
Sail Nashville Dock J2
Sail Place Dock F2
Sailing Inc Dock J2
Sailing Virgins Tent VB 24
Sailology Tent D 37
Sailor for the Seas Tent M 1
Sailrite Enterprises Tent D 83, Tent D 82, Tent D 65, Tent D 64
Sailtime Annapolis, LLC Dock A
Sakonnet River Company Tent F 14
Salty Dawg Sailing Assoc. Tent F 1
Salty Sailor Coffee Company Tent L 4
Scanmar International Tent C 31
Schaefer Marine Land X1
Schooner Woodwind: Ann. Sailing Cruises Dock F2
Sea Bags Tent K 12
Sea Frost/C.F. Horton Co. Tent K 5
Sea Hawk Paints Tent B 53
Sea Kayak Production CC Tent L 14
Sea People Tent YB 7
Sea Style Dock B
Seattle Yachts Dock F2, Dock D
Seattle Yachts West Coast Dock F2
Seawater Pro, LLC. Tent A 19, Tent A 17
SEAYa! Marine Tent DO 9
Selden Mast, Inc. Land 65A
SERO Innovation Land 6
Seven Seas Cruising Association Tent M 2
Shane Agency, The Tent A 14
Ships Dek Tent B 2
Shipwright Harbor Marina Tent C 10
Signal Mate Tent D 57
Signature Yachts Dock B, Dock F2
SinBad Captains Service Tent AB 7
SMA Yachts Dock B
SmartPlug Systems Tent AB 14
SML Footwear Tent D 55, Tent D 54
Somers Cove Marina Tent B 45
Soundview Millworks Tent D 22
South African Pavilion Tent L 8
South Coast Yachts Dock F2
Specialty Yachts Dock J2
Sperry Top-Sider Tent C 26, Tent C 24
Spinlock USA Land 67
SpinSheet Magazine Land 19A
Spirit Marine Services Tent O 18
Springline Yacht Sales Dock J2, Dock D
Spyderco Tent O 9, Tent O 10
St. Barts Yachts Dock B, Dock F2
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tent VB 19, Tent VB 18
Star Glow Tent YB 9
Sterling Acceptance Corp. Tent F 25, Tent F 24
Strong Fire Arms Tent B 6
Summer Classics Dock LaVictoire VIP Tent
Sun Powered Yachts Tent O 16, Tent O 17
Sunbrella Tent D 77
Sunchill Tent D 60, Tent D 61
Sunglass Connection Tent O 23
Sunnybrook Yachts Dock F1
Sunrise Yacht Products Tent D 88
Sunsail/Mariner, Int. Land 13
Sunshine Cruising Yachts Tent O 20
Superior Charters & Yacht Sales Dock F1
Superior Life-Saving Equipment Tent B 18, Tent B 16
Swans Yacht Sales Dock B
Swiftsure Yachts Dock D
Sys Yachts Dock F2
Tartan Land 51
Team One Newport Land 56
Tee's By Bo Inc. Tent C 47, Tent C 49
TEMO Dock F2
TGS Trading Company Tent D 1
The Black Dog Tent K 3, Tent K 1
The Boat Galley Tent M 6, Tent M 5
The Catamaran Company Tent VB 2, Tent VB 1, Tent VB 3, Tent VB 4
The Corinthians Tent O 21
The Docks at Downtown Hampton Tent VB 27, Tent VB 26
The Moorings/Sunsail Land 12
The Multihull Company Dock K3
The Multihull Source Dock C
The Professional Wine Opener Tent D 49
The Sailing Academy Dock A
The Yacht Rigger Tent D 79
Third Reef Software LLC Tent C 15
Tideline Solutions Tent G 1, Tent G 1A
Titan Marine Air Tent C 40B, Tent C 40A
Tiwal Corp Dock F2
TMM Yacht Charters Dock I
TNR Group Tent YB 12, Tent YB 13
Torqeedo Inc. Dock S
Transfluid, LLC Land X3
TreMate Tent C 22
Trident Funding, LLC Tent AB 27
Trident Marine Group Tent B 25, Tent B 23
Trident Marine Group/CPM Tent A 53
Tru Step Health and Wellness Tent C 1
TTR Sotheby's Int.Realty Tent C 20
Tylaska Marine Hardware Tent L 20A
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Tent YB 11
ugo wear Tent D 97
UK Sailmakers Dock F1
Ullman Sails International Dock F1
Ultra Marine West Tent D 4A, Tent D 4, Tent D 3
United Yachting MFG Tent K 16
US Spars, Inc. Land 65
US Virgin Islands Department of Tourism Tent VB 30A
Ushood Tent D 31
Vacation Village Resort Land Main Gate, Land Tent D Entrance
Vagabonde Adventures Tent YB 7
Vakaros Tent F 7, Tent F 6
Valhalla Sailing Project Dock S
Vane Brothers Marine Safety Land 38
Veleros y Veleros Dock F2
VetusMaxwell, Inc. Tent B 21, Tent B 19
Viking Life Saving Equipment Tent B 57
Virgin Islands Yacht Charters Tent VB 13, Tent VB 12
Visit Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Land Main Gate
Vital Force Yachting Dock B, Dock F2
Voyage Charters Dock H
Walder Boom Brake Tent D 89
Walnut Hill Landscaping Dock LaVictoire VIP Tent
Wandering Soul Designs Tent C 21
Waterway Guide Tent A 25
Waypoints Yacht Charters Dock I
Weather Routing Inc. Tent K 14
Weems & Plath Tent C 36, Tent C 38
Welcome Aboard Catalog & Website Tent B 12
West Coast Multihulls Tent G 3
Wichard Land X2
Williams & Heintz Map Corp. Tent F 26
Willis Marine Dock F2
Wind Charter Tent VB 31
WINSLOW® LifeRaft Company Tent D 76, Tent D 75, Tent D 74
Women Who Sail Tent M 4, Tent M 3
X-Yachts/ Rodgers Yacht Sales, LLC Dock D
Xantrex Tent B 4
Xquisite Yachts Dock B
Yacht Brokers of Annapolis Tent F 2, Tent F 3
Yacht Canvas, Inc. Tent O 12
Yacht Collective Tent VB 29
Yacht Maintenance Company Tent C 45
Yacht Sales Int'l. Tent F 17, Tent F 18
Yacht Sales West Dock B
Yacht Zero Tent YB 22
Yankee Point Marina Tent D 34
Young Cruisers Association Tent YB 8, Tent YB 7
Zimmerman Marine, Inc. Tent A 41, Tent A 43


Tickets for the Spring Shows will be on sale in January

See you in 2024