Pride of Baltimore II

Pride of Baltimore II will be on display at the 2023 Annapolis Sailboat Show


Climb aboard Pride of Baltimore II during the Annapolis Sailboat Show (Oct 12-15). This majestic vessel will have just competed in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race a week prior and will be ready for attendees to tour during regular sailboat show hours. Meet members of the crew, imagine what life was like aboard a sailing ship in the 1800s, and learn about Pride’s mission. The best part, you get to keep your shoes on! Pride will be located on Dock K3.

Pride of Baltimore, Inc. is a non-profit maritime organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the living history of the Chesapeake Bay through education in the traditional practices of seamanship and nautical craft via hands-on exploration aboard Pride of Baltimore II, a historically evocative reproduction of a War of 1812-era privateer. Capturing public imagination through unique worldwide voyages of discovery, Pride II honors Maryland seafarers of all eras and, wherever she sails, shares the innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and patriotism that forged and continues to define Maryland’s maritime identity.

In her 35 years of sailing, Pride of Baltimore II has sailed over 275,000 nautical miles visiting 200 ports in 40 countries. Visit their website for more information,

Just this year, Pride II has
• Already sailed around 7,000 nautical miles and will end the season having sailed more than 8.000 nautical miles (from Galveston, Texas, to Portland, Maine)
• Visited over a dozen ports
• Welcomed aboard more than 28,000 people
• Offered over a dozen guest crew opportunities, allowing adventurous people to really experience Pride by sailing on multi-day voyages


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